Dispute Resolution

A dispute can arise at any time during your life and can take a considerable toll upon those concerned with it. This is because disputes no matter how small can contain complex issues with each party becoming entrenched and engrossed as to their respective position meaning discussions become prolonged and usually go around in circles.

Here at KJ Cox we try to avoid entering into protracted discussions by drawing on our experience in attempting to deal with these matters in constructive, non-confrontational manner. Our approach enables us to first review issues at hand and then understand what is in our client’s best interests before taking any action. This stance ensures that the best interests of our client’s are at the front of any advice we provide.

Every dispute is different as is every client, that is why we tailor our approach to each client specifically and what they want to achieve. We tend to find that it is usually within the bests interests of all parties concerned to resolve matters without the need for the input of the court and will always try to put our excellent alternate dispute resolution skills to the test to permit this. However, this is not always permitting and so are well within our depth to be able to present matters to the court to vigorously defend our clients’ positions.

Our Dispute Resolution expertise includes (but no means limited to):

  • Disputes relating to Money – i.e. personal loans and loan agreements etc
  • Contractual Disputes
  • Disputes relating to Land and Property incl. boundary disputes
  • Employment Disputes
  • Landlord and Tenant
  • Disputes arising under the Consumer Rights Act 2015

Our Dispute Resolution team is always on hand to assist no matter how small or trivial the dispute you may think is.


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