Thinking of making a new Will?

A Will is a legal document which determines the individuals who will benefit from your estate when you die. 

If you do not have a Will in place then rules of the law of intestacy will apply which means that your estate may not end up in the hands of those you wish. 

What is a Standard Will?

  • Leaving a sum or a percentage of your estate to people or a charity
  • Appointing guardians for your children
  • Basic inheritance tax advice
  • Recording your funeral wishes

What is a Complex Will?

  • Dealing with business assets
  • Trusts – for example a Discretionary Trust or Life Interest Trust
  • Dealing with foreign assets
  • Bespoke inheritance tax advice
  • 10% charity exemption
  • Increased number of legacies 

For more information on Life Interest Trust Wills please see our Life Interest Trust article.

How much does a new Will cost?

  • A standard single Will for one person £300 plus VAT
  • Two standard Mirror Wills (ideal for a couple) £500 plus VAT
  • For more complex Wills we offer either a fixed fee based on our base figure OR an hourly rate

Our private client department at KJ Cox Solicitors have a wealth of experience advising on Wills and will be able to assist you in ensuring that your wishes are reflected in your document. If you would like to arrange an appointment please telephone us on 01420 550543 or email us on for further information.

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