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Our specialist education department can offer advice on all aspects of SEND Law, including the EHCP process, mediation and advice with tribunal applications.

What is an EHCP?

An EHCP is an Education Health Care Plan.

Where a child requires additional support that goes beyond what a school, college, or nursery can typically deliver they may need an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP).

An EHCP can only be granted by the child’s Local Authority following a lengthy process of assessing the child’s needs. Once granted the EHCP is a legally binding document that will outline the child’s special educational, health and social care needs.

Who needs an EHCP?

EHCP’s are for children and young persons aged 0 – 25 with special educational needs.

How often is the EHCP reviewed?

Once in place the EHCP is reviewed annually to take account of any changes to the child’s needs.

What is SEND Mediation?

SEND Mediation is a process designed to help parents reach an agreement over disputes surrounding SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disability), specifically in relation to an EHCP. In some cases, mediation is a requirement on parents to consider before registering an appeal with the SEND Tribunal.


The EHCP process can be overwhelming for parents/carers who are often already struggling with the day to day challenges that their child faces. It can be a long and emotional process but once granted, the EHCP should provide the child with the support they the need to flourish in the correct education setting that is right for them.

If you are embarking on the EHCP process or are experiencing difficulties in obtaining one for your child, we can provide the specialist advice you need.  Please contact our education department on 01420 550543  or email

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