Sadly, death is inevitable and something that we will all contend with at some point in our lives and it can be an incredibly overwhelming experience. For many, dealing with the estate of loved ones is the last thing they want to do at a time of grief, and it can also be an extremely complicated procedure to deal with and no estate is the same.

Many estates in England will require either a grant of probate or letters of administration depending on whether there is a Will. Whether probate is required depends on the value of the estate or the assets comprised in the estate. Estates with property, for example, will generally always need probate.

Our private client solicitors at KJ Cox Solicitors are experienced with providing hassle-free service and we offer a bespoke service as well. We offer two options that can play to your needs and circumstances:

  1. Obtaining a grant of representation

A Grant of Representation confers authority on the personal representatives to carry out the administration of the estate. We can assist you with obtaining this Grant by helping to arrange all of the necessary paperwork, paying the inheritance tax (if required) and making the application to the Court for the Grant.

  1. Full administration.

We can also assist with the full administration with our service ranging from valuing the estate for inheritance tax, paying the tax (if required), preparing all the necessary paperwork, making the application to the Court for the Grant, collecting the assets and distributing it in accordance with the Will or via the law of intestacy. We will work cohesively with the Personal Representatives in a stress-free manner.

We aim to be transparent with our costs and so offer a fixed fee option based initially on the value of the estate with additional risk factor elements which may be applicable. We also offer an hourly rate option depending on your needs and circumstances.

Our private client solicitors have a wealth of experience advising on Wills and Probate matters.  If you would like to arrange an appointment please telephone us on 01420 542193 or email us on for further information.

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